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Kick Your Cold Fast at Silver Spring Urgent Care

One of the most common ailments today is the common cold. Caused mostly by the Rhinovirus, a cold can hit any time and cause general discomfort in the sinuses, throat, headaches, coughs and sneezes. A cold can usually be toughed through in a few days of rest and increased fluid intake, but sometimes it can also result in an infection. Usually it is best to seek medical attention before the onset of a fever, which is the telltale sign of infection in the body. Even though in the developed world common infections like those of influenza, the common flu bug, are just an inconvenience or an excuse to rest up, if left unchecked they can be dangerous.

If you have come down with a cold or even the flu, you should definitely go see a doctor right away. If you are sick, it usually is not something you can schedule in advance with your primary care physician, so it is helpful that we always have open doors here at Silver Spring Urgent Care. Our physicians are here to give you the care you need to get better fast. We believe that the best bet to beat a cold before it becomes something serious is some education and sound medicine to get you back on your feet.

When you come in with a cold, first thing we do is make sure it is only just a cold. This means a basic rudimentary check-up noting temperature, swelling, inflammation, and diagnostic questions such as if there is any pressure or pain, and what color your mucus discharge is. After the exam, your physician will see if you need any additional test, and will discuss with you what you should be doing to get over your cold, and she will also prescribe any antibiotics if necessary.
Colds and the flu are going to happen to you and those around you. Left unchecked, they can be deadly, but with swift, decisive action you can easily overcome the annoying sickness and go back towards living life. If you are feeling sick and know what is coming, get help here at Silver Spring Urgent Care, we have long hours, dedicated staff, and even an on-site pharmacy. In sickness and health we are here to help you! No need to make an appointment, just walk on in to help find your way to getting over the pesky flu today!

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